Stay in Co-machi-no-ie

Co-machi-no-ie has as its accommodations two machiya townhouses with contrasting styles standing next to each other. One is a traditional townhouse named "臨水" (Rinsui), and the other is a Western-style house named "背山" (Sezan). In Feng Shui, abundant lands like Utazu, which faces the Seto Inland Sea and is surrounded by mountains in back, are called "背山臨水 (Haizan Rinsui)." The name of each accommodation was named from this four-character idiom. Unlike Japanese inns and hotels, Co-machi-no-ie takes a style in which guests can rent out the entire house for their stay. You can enjoy a relaxing stay just like you were living there. Since they were originally private residences, they are furnished with common living facilities. Moreover, these facilities are the latest with an emphasis on comfort. Please check the details from the page of each house.